This is from President of Great Lengths International, Thanks Brett~

Good Morning,
I hope Cindy doesn’t mind, but I wanted to pass on a message I received from her over the weekend. Cindy’s work is beautiful …. Let this be a reminder to all of us of how fortunate we are to serve such enthusiastic, talented stylist.
Brett Butcher (President Great Lengths, USA)

From Cindy to Brett....
Lindsay came in .. in the top 5 and 3rd runner up for Miss Colorado. !!!!! I wish I could have been there. She sent me a text and said she couldn't have done it without me!

What a rush!! I am so proud!! And so grateful for your help in supporting me. - Cindy


Hi Cindy! Forget about thanking us…THANK YOU for the great representation of the GL (Great Lengths) brand. We sincerely appreciate it. I gotta say, I really do have the best job ever. My most trusted advisors both professional and personal, my closest friends, and my partner ….all hairdressers and there is nothing nicer than getting messages like yours because it makes me feel like we really are doing something to help ambitious hairdressers have a competitive edge and hopefully we play a little part in their professional successes.
Thanks so much for sharing this and as always, THANK YOU for your continued support.
Brett Butcher

USA President - Great Lengths

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