We now offer the most revolutionary hair treatment

process which promises to change the way you care

for and style your hair, forever.

Originally developed in Brazil, this

innovative treatment process transforms

the hair by using natural sources of

Keratin which penetrates the hair

repairing internal damage and coats

the hair preventing further damage. The

results are smooth, silky and straight hair.

It is not a chemical that restructures the

hair. It is a replenishing treatment that

reconditions and protects the hair from

water and heat damage while enhancing

it’s natural shine.

Why does Keritan have such amazing

results? Because Keratin is the primary

protein of the skin and hair. The

application and straightening process

ensures the Keratin and moisture are

sealed into the hair cuticle, meaning the

results are immediately visible.

The treatment has many other advantages

too. Unlike relaxers or thermal

conditioning, the Brazilian Blow Dry

straightens the hair without damaging or

changing its texture.

Following the treatment, care and styling

of your hair becomes effortless with

minimal amounts of blow drying and

styling required for months afterwards.

Your hair will have much improved

resiliency; and will no longer be affected

by rain, humidity or sweat. This is the

beginning of the end to frizzy hair.

Depending on hair type and frequency

of washing, results last between two and

four months. If regular treatments are

maintained, you will immediately see the

quality of your hair grown following the

Brazilian Blow Dry.

The Brazilian Blow Dry takes between 2 to 4 hours,

depending on length, hair condition, and hair thickness.

It is NOT meant to be permanent and it DOES require

redoing approximately every 2 to 4 months, depending

on the individual’s hair type and preferences. Regular

treatment helps to blend treated hair with the natural

growth of hair.

It does NOT use strong chemicals to open and close the

hair cuticle in an effort to straighten it. Keratin is a natural

substance which comprises 88% of your hair.

It penetrates the hair repairing internal damage and coats

the hair preventing further damage. The results are soft,

shiny, straighter hair.

The Brazilian Blow Dry is excellent on all types of

chemically treated hair (bleached, hi-lights, colored,

permed, relaxed or previously straightened). It is

excellent for getting rid of curly, frizzy, damaged,

unhealthy, dull, mistreated hair.

Although often referred to as a straightening treatment,

the Brazilian Blow Dry is extremely versatile. For those

who want to keep or enhance their luscious curls, the

Brazilian Blow Dry can work to your requirements whilst

still repairing any damage and unwanted frizz.








Specialist Shampoos and Conditioners which help

the Brazilian Blow Dry treatment are available to

purchase at the salon. 

1. Can you do the treatment over a Japanese


Yes, you can do the treatment over any kind of

straightener. We recommend waiting two weeks.

2. Is this treatment a relaxer?

No, it’s a treatment based on Keratin and Collagen

that naturally softens, shines, smoothes, eliminates

frizz and gives instant manageability.

3. Can you do this treatment after colouring?

Yes, we recommend immediately after you colour

your hair.

4. Can you do the treatment on top of relaxed hair?

Yes, you can do the treatment over any previously

relaxed hair. Sodium Hydroxide Thio chemical, etc,

but only after two weeks.

5. Can you do the treatment on previously chemically

treated hair?

Yes, this treatment can be done on any previously

chemically treated hair.

6. Can you do the treatment on highlighted hair?

Yes, you can do highlights and this treatment

immediately after.

7. Can you do the treatment on virgin hair?

Yes, it can be done on virgin hair.

8. Can you do the treatment on children and if so

what age?

Yes, we recommend on children of 12 years and


9. Can I colour my hair after the treatment?

Yes, we recommend you colour the hair first and

immediately follow up with the Brazilian Blow Dry.

Or we recommend colouring your hair two weeks

after you have done the treatment.

10. Can I shampoo my hair after the treatment?

Yes, but only four whole days after you have done

the treatment.




11. Can I wear a ponytail or tie my hair?

Yes but only after four days. During the first four

days, do not put your hair behind your ears, put

glasses on your head or use hair grips/clamps.

12. What should I do if my hair gets wet during the

first four days?

Blow-dry immediately and use ceramic straighteners

if necessary.

13. Can I go into the pool or ocean after my


Yes, but only after four days.

14. How long will the treatment stay on my hair?

Two to four months on all types of hair.

15. What shampoo can I use after the treatment?

We recommend shampoo which does not contain

Sodium Chloride (salt). Specialist shampoos and

conditioners are available st the salon. These

products also contain Keratin and UV protection.

16. Do I have to touch up on my next visit or the

whole head?

The entire head from roots to head.

17. When should I have the treatment done again?

Two to three months, or as needed.

18. Can I do the treatment every month?


19. Shall I cut my hair before the treatment?

Yes, if you are changing your style but not if you are

needing a trim only.

20. Can I use my hair spray, gel, mousse, or any other

hair products on my hair during the four day period?


21. If I get any ridges in my hair when I sleep, what

should I do?

Use either a blow dryer or ceramic straightener to

straighten the ridge in the hair.



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