Synthetic vs. Human Hair

Synthetic hair has the main advantage here as it does what you want, unlike your own hair, which will do exactly what it wants! Synthetic can give you the thickness you desire. It can hold curl much longer than human hair. It is lighter so if your hair is fragile it can be the best option because it is attached to itself and not to your hair directly. The only downside is it has to be blown straight and cannot be flat ironed. Check the website for more information and celebrity status. Christina Aguilera, Victoria Beckham and others.


Good quality synthetic hair like Monofibre, will outshine real hair, it will look healthier and be generally more manageable. DOME hair is patented and the first of its kind, clearly the forerunner in a service to be respected. Alternatively Human hair can be easier to look after and there's no need to treat it any different than your own hair, since it will look, feel and move like your own hair. The application process is a heavier seal, unless pre-tipped extensions like Great Lengths are cut in thin strands. Monofibre is best when more equal to your hair lengths for softness, but can be the style of choice based upon your desired look and budget.


Heated appliances, tongs, straightening irons can be used on human hair as normal, with synthetic hair you'll have to be slightly more careful. You can still use some styling tools on your hair and you will generally find the ones that are available to use will keep the style longer. You can pull the synthetic strands out of the way if you really need to flat iron your own hair, Monofibre will blow dry perfectly straight and hot rollers can be used to curl them.


Synthetic extensions are attached and taken out without the use of any glues or chemicals and are simply broken a bit at the braid attachment and unbraided, whereas human hair must be removed professionally using a special removal substance and flat pliers to break down the polymer bond. Both synthetic and human hair extensions are positioned away from the scalp to avoid any possible tension or discomfort and of course and grown down an inch or so in the 4-5 months of wearing time. Breakage is minimal but natural fall out is attached within the strand application is being combed out upon removal. It’s minimal! But remember, you are back to your volume of hair so its always a bit of a shock. Usually if you have gone long, we just add a small amount to re-thicken after you have re-shaped and colored. Unless of course you are ready for another full head of length again!


Both types of extensions are perfectly safe and should be attached /detached by a professional technician. The key to great extensions is that they should be undetected, but then sometimes it’s just as fun to have them be as daring as possible! Look at the success of Hugh Hefner’s Girls Next Door! So go ahead and be daring or just add a few to feel like your hair is healthier. Either way remember Samson and Delilah! Didn’t he feel better with hair! J Well-being is key!


Human hair is always more expensive than synthetic hair, but this doesn't mean that the hair is any better quality, its just real hair, and some people have an aversion to that or they have an aversion to synthetic and want human hair only. It is due to the fact that human hair has been gathered from India, Indonesia, Italy and Europe and has been chemically treated before it can be used. Ask your stylist the process done by each company. The main important factors are to choose a salon and extensionist that you know has experience, and you can feel assured and satisfied with their credentials. Don't put a cheaper option before quality, Great Lengths has a per strand fee that is required but higher end cities can charge above this fee, check around and find the price you are looking for but expect it to be the “Mercedes” of hairdressing!


Synthetic hair extensions normally take up to four hours to put in, using two stylists; whereas human hair extensions can take up to 5 hours to a seasoned stylist to 9 hours for a newly trained stylist to put in! However with either type of extensions, you'll have to pay your salon a visit every six weeks for a bit of maintenance and a tidy up! Cuts and Color appointments keep you in full maintenance so you look your best. Synthetic/DOME can be rotated in applications, removing lost and adding new or just all in and then all taken out and then reapplied. An application of Great Lengths is usually in and then removed 4-5 months later and put in again, give or take a few strands added where you would like them once you have gotten the hang of styling your new hair. Payment is in full for the first major application, but most check ups are charged by a salon hourly time.

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