Sadly, one of my very favorite companies has closed their doors and no longer offers their unique, in house prepared and customized product.  


It was blended in Burbank and had all custom lengths and weights and offered retipping their product.  "SIGH" where did you go Hairlocs???


If you are calling around for this company it has completely sold it's name and phone number to a company that is NOTHING like the original as of about 2014.                  


Dont be fooled!! Call me for OTHER options!




As of January 2017 I attended the Long Beach Trade Show and among the numerous hair extension booths HAIRLOCS had a huge presence.  I researched the purchased brand product in depth again and it is just a copy of original companies such as Pure, Dreamcatchers and Aqua, ordering their stock hair from overseas. 


If you have this company as your hair extension product I am able to get it, order it, use it and somewhat recommend it.  Most likely you are from the LA area.


Nothing really wrong with it other than a glassy appearance.  Do your research and ask me about choices.

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