Frequently Asked Questions About Bonded Extensions

Q: May I use the extension hair more than once?


A: No. Great Lengths may not be re-used because the polymer attachment is manufactured on the individual hair strand, beforehand and once this is removed the strand comes along with it. Some glue stick applications can salvage a strand and reapply it but the hair has usually been worked with so much with styling that it is time to replace it. Remember, it does not have the cell and oil formation any more. Synthetic hair is folded over in the process and is bonded over in the middle so it cannot be used because after it is removed it is half the amount shorter! The only hair types that can be reused are tracks of hair, where your application corn row is redone and then the track is re-sown. The new clip on applications with POP hair are reusable, the extension industry is trying hard to have that investment not so frivolous. But as of now, individual strands are done upon removal.


Q: Why do they need to be removed and re-attached?


A: Our hair grows roughly ½" to 1" per month. The application strand grows down, in the process some hair would have fallen out in your brush and therefore the application strand is hanging on less hair than originally attached to. Then the strand can fall out in your brush and feel like they are falling out. This is normal and you are not losing hair unless you are extremely rough in your styling and brushing. The re-growth growing down and hanging further down than the original placement may interfere when styling and may get caught on your hair brush or comb. The weight has been shifted further down your hair shaft, creating tension on your own natural hair. Therefore, the hair needs to be removed and then more hair re-attached. REMEMBER, the safety of your hair is our #1 concern! If you are trying to use this process for growing out your hair you might be better off just adding less hair for a bit healthier and thicker hair. Full head applications are awesome but more weight. Ask your stylist.


Q: Will Hair Extensions damage my hair?


A: This is an "Extension" of you; therefore, it's not a matter of the extension causing the damage. Knowing the attachment method has been placed properly, responsibility transfers to the client. IF the client is using proper care such as: NO tugging, NO pulling, NO twisting, NO picking, NOT neglecting, proper cleansing and conditioning and drying gently and more flat iron that tugging on it with brushes. Holding the extension hair and own hair when combing or brushing. Being gentle, Using appropriate styling tools, Being cautious with styling tools, Avoiding styling tools that could cause damage, Following maintenance instructions at all times, When in doubt on what to do, calling your stylist immediately or just scheduling for salon styling can have the best results, Having extensions removed, by your stylist, and not elsewhere, there is an art to removal and has the least stress on the hair. Having them re-attached at proper time, not saving your investment for six months and expecting it to be sealed to one area for that long of a period of time. You should have "minimal," if any, damage and enjoy the experience.


Q: Will the hair extensions take a long time to complete?


A: Extensions can take three hours for a half head to six hours for a full head. Your hair type and what you want the final result to be can greatly affect the application time. Numerous highlights require additional time to add and develop proper multi-color applications.


Q: Need a consultation?


A: A consultation will help you decide which extensions are right for you. You will find out how long the hair application will take, so that your price quote will be more accurate. If you want something more temporary be sure to consider that option. There are many techniques available now. Extensions are the cutting edge of the industry. Enjoy and DO YOUR RESEARCH!

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