By Paris Hilton

Now available in wavy lengths!


Certified with Dreamcatchers since 2007, I find this method to be ideal for Paris Hilton’s long hair look, because the lengths are only available in 20, 22, and 24 inch lengths.

Price is $200 dollars for 25 strands of 20 inch hair and goes up from there.This method is a loc attachment method and if you take great care of DreamCatchers hair it can be re-used more than a few applications. Most people need between 75 strands to 200 strands.


I do not recommend cutting off hair that you have just purchased for top dollar but the loc method is reusable which provides some flexiblity to modify your look! If you want a shorter length than 20" choose Pure Extensions at 14" or another method which offers shorter lengths at the time of purchase.


This  method uses individual strands and are applied by a licensed area location specific Dreamcatchers Stylist. Dreamcatchers Strands are thicker than Hairlocs or Aqua loc methods. This is a great method but in our dry climate there can be some slipping as there is no moisture to expand the strand at the attachment.  Most of my clients have come from other regions and relocated here and they have come from more humid clients.  


NOTE: I love my Dreamcatchers girls!!  I'm here for you if you already have this method or want to chose this great product. 


This hair extension can also be sent back to the company to attach NEW TIPS so don't toss yours if you have them and they are worn out.  Ask me how and for pricing.


So call me for a consultation to see if Paris’s method is the best for you.


Color chart for Dreamcatchers is https://dreamcatchers.com/dreamcatchers-color-sheet/

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