Dome Monofibre Extensions: 
The “original” 1980’s perfected and timeless method of application was created by Simon Forbes of London, the world renowned inventor of hair extensions. This method uses a lead stylist and second stylist or assistant. A “C-2” Heat Clamp” secures the extensions in place. Hair is custom blended by the stylist from separate bales of solid colors. This is the method most often used in short to long applications. It is the most efficient for speed, affordability and for longer-lasting looks. This method can last up to 3 months and longer when a monthly fill or check-up is maintained. It does not require the use of any gluing or sewing. There is no damage to the clients own natural hair and removal is possible by the client, (although, we recommend it be done in the salon). Unlike chemical color, Monofibre will never change color or fade. All hair color services are maintained with no effect to this patented product. This is one of the methods that produces the looks you see on numerous celebrities, and it can be used affordably by anyone.


Cult Colours and Color Rinse Shades: 

This is the FUN product to wear in your hair. Create the looks of permanently bleaching and applying bright hair color pigments without a touch of bleach or color. Temporary, yet creative, Cult Colours are made in neon and extreme shades and in just released Cult Rinses shades in pastels. Apply as chunky highlights called “Color Flashes” or underneath for a bolder statement. You can let your creativity really expand with these fashion color shades. Try it for a night out in the clubs!

Natural Hair Enhancers with Prolin
This is the newest and most innovative product from Dome to wear in your hair, developed to be used as a more quick scale time-oriented service. Prolin is a softer, lighter, pre-blended fiber. Available in 24 shades, it matches virtually every color line, so it requires less blending time, if any at all. “Enhancers”, a newer term than the word “Extensions”, already conjures up a different vision for clients and the hairstylist. Applied in 4-6 rows in different areas for undetectable thickness and volume, in much less time than full length applications. It is ideal for highlights and lowlights when clients should refrain from any more chemical use in the hair. This fiber can also be used in the short to long applications for hair that is very fine, or areas on the crown where softness is needed in long length applications. Prolin is virtually several widths of strands within the bale and therefore mirrors the natural protein of the hair. This method is applied without an assistant using the “Prolin Clip” or it can be applied using the original stylist/assistant method. These are the enhancers that first time hair extension wearers can try out just for fun.

DOME Monofibre Hair Extensions  
Short hair to long hair application for length and volume
Lower head lengthening when clients top layers are longer.
Monofibre—Tidy Up
Adding and removing extensions to maintain the short to long style usually bi-monthly.
Using only Prolin for a short to long look on fine hair
Adding 4-6 rows of Prolin throughout the hair to create volume.
Prolin—Tidy Up
Adding and removing extensions to maintain the short to long style, usually bi-monthly.
Cult Colors
Adding splashes of pastel or neon strands one by one for fun.
$7.00 per strand
Bridal and Updo Additions
Adding Prolin and Cult Colors by pinning pieces only for enhancements of a style or Updo.
$30 per ½ bundle
Extension Removal $50 per ½ hour
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