Keratin Bond Fusion * Beaded I-tip * Clip-ons * Single Clips *Wefts with Bead Attachment


Seamless Finish Hair Extensions

This method is a company that supports all the methods of extensions.


The option for this company is it’s local delivery from Denver and the best sales rep relationship that I have.


The I-tip and Fusion are fine for all hair types. I do like the tape with the extra seam through the taped area but the hair seems to be extremely straight without any wave, they do have a wavy option but only in the 22" lengths . They do offer blended colors. Custom blending is achieved by bonding two colors in an extension or premixed in their extensions.  


I have to be honest and say, this is my least favorite as the extension tape is sticky and the hair is the driest of any company I have used, but it is used alot locally in the Boulder County area and I will be happy to maintain your extensions if you need a new stylist.  


I have successfully permed this brand but only if you desperately need it.  There are many other companies that I have to match your texture.

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