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Welcome to my Extension Heads website.


My name is Cindy, 


This page has been online since 2003 and one of the very first websites for hair extension services.I have been the wonderful recipient of numerous calls and bookings and been able to perform thousands of hair extension applications from potential clients reading this website.  Thank you for your interest.


This will be my main page for Hair and Hair Extensions, Education and Before and After photos.


If you are interested in Essential Oils information please contact me and you can also view my dōTERRA site www.mydoterra.com/cindytiemann


On that new Announcement......

I’ve been a licensed hair stylist throughout Colorado as well as California and Utah.


My clientele ranges from people who want a fun experience with their haircut or color, a much needed color correction or fun new options with hair extensions!  


I am experienced with numerous methods and have chosen the best and safest applications that have worked best my clients, along with having several price points to offer you.


Hair Extensions are my absolute passion and I hope you will soon agree that you have chosen wisely someone who is experienced and loves seeing the joy in your new look as much as you will!


They are so much fun and I have devoted my career to extensive certifications and  the best products out there!


I am looking forward to meeting you at my ….

Hair Extension Art and Design Studio!

Wishing you success, joy and prosperity in your life!




Call, Text or Email Me


SOLA Salon Studios

3280 28th Street

Boulder, CO 80301


Online Booking  (available July 2017)


Hairtalk USA 

Come see the Newest Product and Custom Application of

Tape Hair Extensions



Not just Ohmbre!

Come see the 

Colormelts and Ohmbre



Hair Band

Hairtalk USA

Hair Band

All Colors

Including Colormelts


Custom Placement



Original Plus

Petite and Petite Plus

Mini and Mini Plus


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